Celebrate the holidays with a pot grown Norway Spruce

This year you can celebrate the holidays with an eco-friendly option - a pot-grown Norway Spruce. Starting this November, you will be able to order a 2-4 ft live pot grown Christmas tree, and we will deliver it directly to your home. It comes with a free pot, and our gardeners will help you pick the right place for it.

What are the benefits of pot grown Christmas trees?

Compared to cut Christmas trees, pot grown trees require a bit more attention and care, but their benefits come on top:

  • Environmentally-friendly - If you’re concerned about the environment, you should pick a pot grown Norway Spruce tree. The carbon footprint of growing Christmas trees in pots is smaller compared to tree farms and nurseries. There’s no use of petrol-powered tools and the trees are transported directly to your home rather than a supplier storehouse first. Another great benefit is that your living Christmas tree will filter CO2 from the air and convert it into oxygen.
  • Reusable - Unlike fresh-cut Christmas trees, you can use your pot grown tree for many years to come. With the proper care and transplanting it in a bigger pot at the end of each season, your pot grown Norway spruce can be used again the following Christmas, and the following, and so on. 
  • Wholesome Christmas atmosphere - There isn’t a better choice for a Christmas tree than the Norway Spruce with its scent and wonderful shape. The large branches offer a lot of space for decorations.
  • Mess-free - The thicker and non-drop needles of the Norway Spruce are perfect for your home since you won’t have to worry about cleaning piles of fallen needles off the carpet.
  • All your questions answered - If you are wondering about how to take care of your pot grown Norway Spruce once the holidays have passed, do check out our FAQ page, all the info you need can be found there.

Hassle-free Christmas tree collection after the holidays

Once the holiday season is over, you have a few options for your pot grown Christmas tree. You can either keep it in a pot or plant it in your garden when you book our replanting service when you order your tree from us. If you don’t feel like growing your own Christmas tree, you can book our Christmas tree collection service and schedule when you want us to come and pick up the tree. We’ll transplant the tree in a nearby forest. 

We start the Christmas tree collection service right after the holidays, and it’s available between 2nd and 31st January.