Frequently Asked Questions About Our Christmas Services

Q: When does the delivery season start?

A: Deliveries begin at 15th November, but pre-orders are an option before that.

Q: Is installation part of the delivery service?

A: This is one of the advantages of ordering from us – installation is always included in the delivery service.

Q: If I have a tree stand at home, can I use it and have the delivery price reduced?

A: Our stands are part of the service and cannot be excluded from it. On the other hand these stands are exceptional – they are made from a special plastic that won't allow floor scratches to appear. They also give you the convenience of watering the tree so it could remain fresh and green.

Q: What tree sizes are available for sale?

A: From 4 to 8 feet. Of course, given the trees are real, sometimes this height may vary within 2-3 inches. You can discuss this with our team upon ordering and set a permitted height limit.

Q: Say I order the tree for November. Will it survive until Christmas?

A: By all means. What you're getting is Premium grade non-drop Christmas tree from the Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana) variety. You will also receive a watering stand which significantly prolongs the tree's life. Simply water it and don't place it near heat sources.

Q: How often should I water my new Christmas tree?

A: Keep an eye on the water level in the special stand, it should always reach the trunk of the tree. The Christmas trees need their supply of water to remain lively and green.

Q: How do I water the tree in its stand?

A: The stands are part water containers on their own. Just make sure the water always covers the base of the trunk.

Q: Any recommendations concerning the positioning of the Christmas tree?

A: One simple rule to follow – never place your tree near a heat source. The best spot would be near a window with no such sources nearby.

Q: Is trimming the base of the tree part of its maintenance?

A: No, this happens upon delivery and is taken care of by the delivery team.

Q: Why did the tree stop using up the water in the stand?

A: Sometimes the trees develop a sap layer on the bottom which blocks water absorption. In such cases another trimming is required and you can do that on your own. The rates at which a tree will drink up its water vary depending on house conditions such as humidity, however.

Q: The tree lost a couple of needles as soon as it got here – is this a bad sign?

A: Losing needles is a normal year round process for these trees. Still, there's a possibility of the tree being dried out – if so, you can check that easily:

  • Colour seems faint;
  • Exterior needles break off easily when touched;
  • Creased outer bark of the twigs;
  • It simply looks overall dry and hasn't been watered for a while.

Q: Do I get to keep the stand for myself?

A: It is included in the service, so naturally it belongs to you.

Q: What is the collection deadline for the Christmas trees?

A: It's 31st January. Most companies in the business collect no later than 15th.

Q: How do I make a collection service happen?

A: You could book it along with the tree delivery and arrange the collection date right there and then, which will come with a discount. You keep your right to change the date, we only ask of you for a three day notice prior to the arranged date. If you only want to book tree collection from us, you have to make the booking at least three days in advance.

Q: Where do you take the trees after a collection?

A: All trees are recycled in a green waste centre.